The Man Trap

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Traditional ideas of masculinity persist in the workplace, even though men are now expected to do more of the household chores – and work longer hours. In the June/July 2017 edition of the Economists 1843 Magazine Emily Bobrow investigates the trials of modern manhood. Nathan, a successful lawyer in Manhattan, hardly seems like a candidate [...]

When Dads and Moms Share Parental Leave

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Civil engineer Urban Nordh, who took 10 months of leave, said he and his wife “worked really hard” on potty training. During his eight months on leave with his son, Gustav, buyer Ola Larsson resorted to multitasking to keep the toddler out of the way of the vacuum cleaner. Erik Lindblad, a medical doctor who [...]

Inclusion Starts With I

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Can we agree more? Probably not. And this is why at Little Green House we want to provide the space for every one of our children to be and to become who they want to be; to cherish diversity and to embrace differences; and to make the world a more colourful and better place. Kudos [...]